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Microblading - Cerise Health and Beauty Swindon, Wiltshire

Microblading is the manual process of introducing semi-permanent makeup into the skin in the form of a coloured pigment to mimic hair on the eye brows. The design is waterproof and smudge proof and looks completely natural. With this technique we are able to achieve fullness and shape by mimicking hair where no hair existed previously. Results last for up to 18 months after which time the pigment fades into the skin.

Microblading Terms & Conditions.
Please read carefully!

Appointment information for all booked clients:

• Anything you normally do to your brows i.e. pluck, wax etc needs to be done a few days beforehand to give me the best idea of the shape I am working with.

• Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or coumadin for two days before and two days after the treatment. However, you must not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor.

• Do not drink alcohol the night before your treatment.

• Please be aware that for health and safety reasons no more than two people are allowed in the treatment room. Children are not allowed into the treatment room

• An initial fee of £50 is required prior to confirmation of booking your appointment. This cost covers the consultation appointment and is non-refundable.

• The first procedure is £200 which includes the Top up. The second procedure (Top up) MUST be within 6 weeks of the first. 

• All payments to be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Credit cards and cheques are not accepted.

• If any appointment(s) need to be rearranged, at least 24 hours notice is required. Otherwise your deposit will be lost.

Microblading - Cerise Health and Beauty Swindon, Wiltshire

Colour Top up

Over 6 months       £70

Over 12 months    £100

Up to 18 months    £150

18 months plus full price

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